Best decision we made. We are truly very pleased that we chose Edgewater legal. Our immigration journey was a success because of Nick. He is a one man show! Nick is super helpful and a professional who knows what he is doing and cares about his clients. He is very thorough and meticulous. We cannot recommend his services enough!

- Arafat Islam ( Trustpilot) - 6 Mar 2019

Nick was precise in his analysis and advise to me for the application of the Tier 1 visa. My case was relatively straight forward and thus had no complications, but Nick ensured that every "i" was dotted and "t" crossed.

- AKa ( Trustpilot) - 24 Feb 2019

A great service by Edgwaterlegal.
I would recommend the service whole heartedly.

- Nicholas Sideris ( Trustpilot) - 22 Feb 2019

Excellent service. You can easily understand Nick, probably because he is very professional on what he is doing.

- Endrit Beqaj ( Trustpilot) - 11 Feb 2019

Nick is a great lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice when applying for a visa in the UK. He advised us throughout the whole applications while going into great details and making us feeling comfortable and secured.

- Olgert Koxha ( Trustpilot) - 8 Feb 2019

I highly recommend Nick. He gave me excellent assistance and advice while I applied for permanent residency (for which I was just  granted) His fees are very reasonable, he is very conscientious and was very quick to respond to any questions I had.

- Julianne Sota ( Trustpilot) - 5 Feb 2019

Nick helped my wife and I get our tier 1 visa. He is without a doubt one of the most professional and straight forward lawyers I have ever dealt with. He advised me on exactly what I needed for my unique situation and was always there for assistance. I highly recommend Edgewater legal for all your UK immigration needs. Fantastic service.

- Abe Bahgat - ( Google Reviews) - February 2019

Very nice service, we are applying for a dependant visa at the end of the year which is around christmas and new year, but they still provide the best service despite the timing.

- Pratikto Ariestyadi ( Trustpilot) - 18 Jan 2019

I have switched from Tier1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa to Tier1 Entrepreneur. I was very late to apply, however Nick helped me in the last minute and thank to to him I have got my 3 years tier1 visa. I would Nick has a lot of knowledge and experience, I would recommend him to anyone who wants to apply for such visa as mine.
Thank you again Nick.

Larbi El Abboudi - ( Google Reviews) - December 2018

Excellent visa assistance. Nick Nason and Edgewater Legal were simply amazing. Their incredible legal expertise, professionalism, and promptness made them a pleasure to work with. It was Nick who first informed me that I was eligible for a different visa type altogether - one that turned out to be far better suited to my situation. He expertly guided me through the process, clearly explaining our overall strategy, what documents to gather and submit, and how to fill out the application. He was always on hand to answer questions or quell anxieties I had. My only mistake was not contacting him sooner.

- Emily Warner ( Trustpilot) - 23 November 2018

Having contacted several lawyers before applying for my Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, Nick came off as the most genuine, professional and confident - During the initial consultation call, I just knew that he was the right lawyer to choose. Nick is very easy to work with, funny, confident and very calm despite the complexity of the case. He was incredibly helpful, friendly, paid attention to every small detail, replied promptly to all my questions. Nick explained every step of the process, drafted and reviewed the documents required for the application, and prepared me in case of an interview. Nick made the whole process looks so easy, I highly recommend him if you're applying for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa or for any other immigration matter!

- Zein ( Trustpilot) - 19 November 2018

Nick has been very helpful in navigating the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa application process. He brought peace of mind to a potentially  hectic process. I appreciate the services he offered to our business and family of 6. He has been more than accommodating to our needs.

- Michael ( Lexoo) - 8 November 2018

Nick was very helpful throughout our application as an Entrepreneur team (which is under UKBA consideration at the moment). We found him knowledgeable and thorough in his approach. Beyond that he also provided us with valuable links for websites and reports for our business plan preparation as well as solutions for some critical problems we faced. He was always available via phone or email for extended or quick discussions which helped us to decide about issues related to our application.

- Fariha ( Lexoo) - 24 October 2018

Nick has been a pleasure to work with. He is patient, knowledgeable, and responsive, and I would not have been able to get through this process without him.

- Frode ( Lexoo) - 15 October 2018

Great service! Nick was very friendly, organised, and professional. He understood the gravity of the situation.

- Sadegh ( Trustpilot) - 27 September 2018

Personal and Professional Service. I highly recommend. I engaged Nick to assist with my Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application to the UK. This can be a complex visa to obtain and Nick provided a very professional service, personalised for my situation. Nick was attentive to every detail that could cause a complication to ensure the application went smoothly. The Visa can take several months to obtain, however, due to the high quality of the application I received a positive outcome within 2-3 weeks. Nick was prompt in replying to my queries with insightful responses and has continued to provide support once I moved to the UK. I highly recommend Nick's service for your immigration requirements.

- Ross ( Trustpilot) - 25 September 2018

Nick handled the application in a highly professional manner asking all the right questions. A pleasure to work with him.

- Tim ( Lexoo) - 12 Sepember 2018

I was assisted by Nick Nason with my Tier 1 entrepreneur application. He is an amazing professional and provides an end-to-end support and guidance. Thank you so so much Nick for all your professional guidance and help in everything. I will highly recommend your professional services to anyone who will enquire about Tier 1 Visa guidance.

- Nusrat ( Trustpilot) - 5 September 2018

I was assisted by Nick Nason with my Permanent Residence application. He gave great advice and was very easy to work with. Thanks.

- Christopher ( Trustpilot) - 28 August 2018

Eats Complex and Complicated for breakfast (Every morning). Nick  assisted me with my Tier 4, Tier 1 entrepreneur and my Indefinite leave to remain visa permissions. He is a great professional and provides incredible value for the fee he charges. My situation was complex and complicated but he made it look easy! If you need a top immigration lawyer then this is your man!

- Chris ( Trustpilot) - 9 August 2018

I turned to Nick Nason for help with my entrepreneur visa extension a year before the due date, as I was extremely apprehensive given the different approaches taken to the "investment" criteria. I was looking for a thorough professional who would take initiative and help me with the nuances of my individual case minimising the risk of refusal. Nick is calm and confident, writes clear & concise follow up emails and liaises with the home office, as required. I would highly recommend Nick Nason.

- Akriti ( Lexoo) - 27 July 2018

Nick is the best immigration lawyer. If you are in immigration trouble and then please go visit Edgewater Legal now! All the credit for my successful application for UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur goes to Nick. Nick is very committed, genuine and that clearly reflects on how well he treats his clients. He is an expert, very organized,and made detailed efforts to guide me through every step of the process. I won't agree that there is a better immigration lawyer than him.

- Ekta ( Lexoo) - 6 May 2018

OMG!!! Words cannot express how happy and grateful I am to Nick Nason at Edgewater Legal. Nick's article about the Windrush scandal gave me hope. Brilliant & professional immigration advice. He was honest and patient with me. I would like to highly recommend this firm especially Nick because of his dedication. Thank you very very much.

- Lukman ( Lexoo) - 25 April 2018

I would definitely recommend Nick to others. I was skeptical to use Lexoo to find a solicitor, but it proved wrong.

- Ullas ( Lexoo) - 19 April 2018

I engaged Edgewater Legal to help me transition from a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa to Indefinite Leave to Remain. Nick has been extremely diligent and hands-on throughout the process, clearly laying out the requirements, explaining the intricacies and driving the collation/review and application process to a very tight deadline. He spent considerable time and effort ensuring my application was clear and comprehensive and delivered in time. I would not hesitate in recommending.

- Gray ( Lexoo) - April 2018

Nick Nason’s professionalism was exemplary and his response to our enquiry on a visa matter was extremely prompt and informative. We were most impressed by him and would highly recommend his services. We would have no hesitation in consulting him in the future.

- Anne Ogilvie ( Google Reviews) - April 2018

Nick was very patient, and guided me through the options available to us clearly and effectively. He was quick to respond, very thorough and I would not hesitate to use him again, or to recommend him.

- Claire ( Lexoo) - 20 March 2018

Nick was helpful and stayed on top of the situation. He willingly provided some initial advice and legwork before signing a formal contract, which was much appreciated. Although my intended immigration situation has been postponed, that was on my end, not his, and I am looking forward to picking the matter back up with him in the future.

- Christopher ( Lexoo) - 8 February 2018

Nicholas Nason is very professional and knowledgeable. On top of that, he makes himself very available to clients and works very hard to provide a high quality service.

Claudio S. De Mutiis ( Google Reviews) - February 2018

In my experience, there're 2 types of lawyers: decent ones & those who are only looking for your money. Nick is kind & decent which is very hard to find. He spent his weekend looking through all my applications to find a way to help me. He is very prompt in his emails & excels in his immigration knowledge. He'd rather give his honest opinion and advice rather than lie to get more services from me. I truly appreciate it. I have no hesitation in recommending Nick. Many thanks again.

- Mai ( Lexoo) - 25 January 2018

Probably the best immigration lawyers. I had a quite straight forward case but anyway everything has been done very accurately. Nick is very friendly and professional person. He answered all my questions very carefully and prepared the documents thoroughly.

- Kalinchuck ( Google Reviews) - January 2018

Nick gave us careful and detailed advice and was very diligent in helping us to put our visa application together. Highly recommended if you are applying for a UK visa!

- Mireille Watanabe Handover ( Google Reviews) - January 2018

I got a great assistant in reviewing some important documents and the service is introduced in a professional manner with high commitment and in the prompt time. Thank You Mr. Nason. I highly recommend your services.

- Mostafa Younes ( Google Reviews) - January 2018

Nick Nason is a very helpful and knowledgable guide in the U.K. immigration process - he facilitated my Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) application with ease and savvy, and was very responsive. Would definitely recommend him.

-Eliza Eddison ( Google Reviews) - January 2018

Nick helped me with every step of applying for British citizenship and obtaining a passport. He was prompt in replying to my emails and phone calls. Nick personally delivered documents to my home.  He is both friendly and professional. I only hope that Meghan Markle has someone as competent and efficient as Nick Nason to help her through the citizenship application process.

- Barbara ( Lexoo) - 3 December 2017

Nick is hands down the best Immigration lawyer I have come across. Incredibly professional and a hard worker!

- Chris Nono ( Google Reviews) - December 2017

Nick is great -- still in the process for my Tier 1 (exceptional promise) application, but he has been hugely helpful thus far!

- Eliza ( Lexoo) - 30 November 2017

An extremely prompt and professional service. Needed some last minute advice over the weekend and Nick went above and beyond to look into the matter and come back with the relevant information. Would highly recommend Nick and his firm.

- Hershil Shah ( Google Reviews) - November 2017

I was looking for advice regarding Entrepreneurship Visa and other immigration matters for some of my team members based abroad. I found Nick very knowledgeable on these subjects and he was able to articulate and structure his advice in a very user friendly manner which was extremely useful in helping me make the decision. Nick was diligent in carrying out the research required to answer complex queries and was very responsive and professional in his approach. I would highly recommend Nick.

- Rohit ( Lexoo) - 4 August 2017

Nick Nason is a very thorough and competent professional with a great work ethic, but also easy to work with and consistently willing to take the time to discuss my concerns. During the time we worked, I was very impressed by the dedicated manner in which Nick carried out his work, he is very organized and methodical. He had the ability to keep it simple and made all our interactions positive. The outcome was successful and this wouldn’t have been possible without his hard work and commitment.

- Karina ( Lexoo) - 2 August 2017

Nick is an absolutely fantastic lawyer and has been a pleasure to deal with. He is always responsive, taking the time to deal with any questions I have, no matter how small. I have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and family, who have also had very positive experiences.

- Zabi ( Lexoo) - 1 August 2017