Immigration services for individuals

"Nick is a very thorough and competent professional with a great work ethic, but also easy to work with and consistently willing to take the time to discuss my concerns. During the time we worked, I was very impressed by the dedicated manner in which Nick carried out his work, he is very organized and methodical. He had the ability to keep it simple and made all our interactions positive. The outcome was successful and this wouldn’t have been possible without his hard work and commitment."
Karina, August 2017

The team at Edgewater Legal offers expert advice and assistance to those who wish to enter or remain in the UK. The main immigration routes in which we are able to assist clients are set out below. 

Individuals seeking to enter the UK

Spouse and partner visas


Joining other family members

We are able to provide advice and assistance to those applying to enter the UK as the spouse or partner of a British national. We are able to assist in the entire application process, to advising on the chances of success of individual applications

Millions of individuals visit the UK every year. Of all applications, though, 15% are refused. If you have been refused in the past, or there is an aspect of your application which is a cause for concern, get in touch to arrange a consultation. Further information on visit visas can be found here .

There are several routes available to join family members in the UK. Some, such as the adult dependent relative route, have been severely restricted in recent years. If you would like to join a family member based in the UK, contact us for a free consultation. 

European family applications

Ancestry visas


Although it is not yet clear what the outcome of the Brexit negotiations will be, it is still possible to apply to join a European family member based in the UK. If you believe you may be eligible under this route then contact us on the details provided below to explore your options.
Commonwealth citizens who can show that a grandparent was born in the UK and who are able and planning to work may be entitled to apply for a UK ancestry visa. Contact us if you would like to explore this option further.  
Those with an offer of a place at an accredited UK educational institution can apply for a Tier 4 visa  which will enable a student to enter the UK and take up his or her course. Contact  the team at Edgewater Legal if you require help with a Tier 4 application.

Individuals seeking to remain in the UK

Settling in the UK

European nationals

Extension applications

It is possible to apply for settlement once a person has spent a certain period of time with lawful residence in the UK. This period is usually 5 years, although in some cases it is more, and in some cases it is less. Edgewater Legal has significant experience making these applications, and prospective clients are encouraged to contact us to discuss how we might assist.

It is an unsettling time for European nationals in the UK. Whatever the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations, the team at Edgewater Legal will pursue the rights available to our UK-based European national clients to their fullest extent. Those wishing to explore their options in the interim are encouraged to get in touch
It is possible to extend valid leave in the UK in many different immigration routes, and the requirements are different in each case. We can assist with the full range of extension applications, and we should be able to inform clients fairly swiftly if there exist any areas of risk in an application. Contact us to find out more.  

Deportation and bail

Challenging Home Office decisions

Court work

Edgewater Legal has specialist experience in representation of those subject to deportation proceedings and can also make applications for bail on behalf of those detained under immigration powers. For further information on the current state of deportation law, see this article prepared recently by Edgewater Legal. 
It is sometimes possible to appeal against Home Office decisions to refuse applications for leave to enter or remain or to request an administrative review, most commonly on human rights grounds. Edgewater Legal can advise on what remedies may be available following a refused application, or where a certificate has been issued which prevents or restricts the operation of  a right of appeal. 
The team at Edgewater Legal has significant experience of representing clients both before the immigration tribunals and the higher courts, and of making applications for permission to appeal against adverse court findings both to the First Tier Tribunal and to the Upper Tribunal. A selection of cases demonstrating this experience can be found here .


Human rights

Outside of the rules

British nationality law can be fiendishly complicated, and it is not always clear whether a person is entitled to naturalise (become a citizen) or not. The team at Edgewater Legal has the expertise to advise clients whether or not they are able to make an application for British citizenship, and then help with process of doing so if required. Get in touch to find out more, 
Human rights are a seam running throughout many areas of immigration law. Despite the government's attempts to restrict and codify what they mean in the immigration context, the law is far from settled. If you believe that an immigration decision of the Home Office infringes upon a fundamental right, then contact us to discuss your case.
It is sometimes unclear whether an individual fits within a designated immigration route, in partiular for those who may have arrived some time ago and never regularised their stay. The team at Edgewater Legal can help individuals establish their status and will be able to set out the options available to them. Get in touch for a free a consultation.